This is me drawing the line. I have been searching plus size fashions and I can not believe some of the shit they are trying to sell us. I mean…. the probability of these things looking good on anyone is like one in a bajillion. I am just going to make these officially against fat grrrl law to wear… EVER. So if I catch any of you bitches trying to rock this shit, you are going to be taken away by the fashion police and forced to work in the sweatshop that is producing these monstrosities.

I look like a giant baby!

1. Rompers

You know what I was thinking… I wanted to relive my infancy through my clothing. Seriously? Who thought this was a great idea? Oh but there are so many different types of rompers! Sporty rompers, dressy rompers, swim rompers and much more! How can you possibly be against them all! Lets start from the beginning. The term romper means: A young child’s one-piece outer garment. Why in the hell would I want to be associated with that as a grown woman?

I absolutely love how in this photo they tried to dress her up in this disaster with some wedges and bangles. Oh she is ready to take on the town even though she looks like a giant toddler who just finished her Gymboree class. Plus it does absolutely nothing for her figure! It makes her look frumpy and lumpy. The last thing you want when you are wanting to go out and feel attractive. Bravo fashion world you have reached a new low.

Grrrl It's so hot I want to let my chunk hang out for all the world to see...

2. Crop Tops

When I came across these on the wetseal website, I had to double check that I was looking at plus size clothing. My eyes were exploding at the image of crop tops being back in style, yet alone being marketed towards fat grrrls.

This one in particularly took the cake. When I first saw it I thought it said “Vagina” across it instead of “Imagine”. Not only would your chunk be hanging out for everyone but people are going to think that your tits say vagina across them. Perfect. Thank you designers this is exactly what I was looking for.

I know you might say that you are suppose to wear something under this but I don’t think that is going to give this any hope. So don’t try to rock this with your jorts ladies unless you are going to like a 1980’s costume party.

Because my ass doesn't look big enough on its own

3. Harlem Pants

I’ll admit that I was on the fence about Harlem Pants at first. I had seen some cute indie skinny girls rock them and they looked rather adorable. But on a chunk grrrl? Gonna have to say no, and this is why. There is a reason why if you go to the Forever 21 website you don’t find a full picture of the profile of her ass. Because if they had no one would ever have bought these pants.

This design just enhances your ass to proportions unimaginable by mankind. Being even more unflattering in a floral print that draws your eye to them first. So lucky you! The first thing people are going to be looking at the moment you walk into the room is your giant ass covered in flowers!

Oh and if this wasn’t enticing enough let me tell you about the exciting elastic waistband! Nothing makes you feel more attractive out in public than an elastic waistband! When you don’t have the constrains of a button or zipper you just exude confidence in all aspects of your life. Serious fail.

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