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So it’s that time of year again. Time to get cozy with the one you love, or the one your with. ^ . ~ So while you are passing out your valentines here are some sexy lingerie that you can spice up the day or night with.

Gok Wan Cherry Blossom Body Shaper - Simply Be - $37.00

One of my absolutely favorite sites is Simply Be and when I first saw this lovely piece of shapewear in their latest catalog, i’ll admit I kind of lost my shit over it. It is the Gok Wan Cherry Blossom Body Shaper. I love how it covers up the more jiggly bits (a.k.a. the belly) and also is just so classy. The fact that is a two-tone satin with lace and padded cups, just brings something elegant to the piece. Also in a world where so many pieces of lingerie are there to show more skin, I feel like this is just the right amount of exposure while still regaining your confidence with your lover. Pair this with some sexy stockings and you will have anybody you want eating out of the palm of your hand. Perfect if you want to be sweet and sexy this v day.

Black with White Stars and Red Trim Chemise - Torrid - $24.99

Over at torrid, the one piece that stood out the most for me was this lovely Black with White Stars and Red Trim Chemise. I personally feel that nothing makes me feel more sexy and feminine than bows, and the bow accenting on this piece is what initially drew me into this fun sexy and very punk rock chemise. Unlike the more structured look of above, this piece can be casual sexy. Pair with some cute black or red boy shorts and just see your honey go wild with desire over your luscious curves.

J'adore Overlay Chemise - Hips and Curves - $39.95

The last piece that really stood out to me, was from one of the best places to shop for plus size lingerie on the internet, Hips and Curves. Imagine having your baby come home to find you rocking this chemise with all of your curves in all the right places. This is the ultimate piece for romance. This super sexy chemise has black lace overlay and bow detail, adjustable shoulder straps, and includes a matching g-string. Perfect way to say “I love you”, now lets get down to business.

Any other fantastic pieces of plus size lingerie that you think I missed? Let me know in the comments below! Happy V Day everyone!


So I spend a lot of time looking into all the celebrity gossip and these are the individuals often overlooked by E! and the mainstream magazines. They each have a great style and help keep me on the cutting edge of fat grrrl fashions. Check it out.

Ashley Fink (born November 20,1986) is an American actress, known for her role as Lauren Zizes in the television series Glee and as Carter McMahon in Huge.

Ashley Fink

So I’m not the biggest Glee fan. I mean I watch the show but not every single episode. One thing I do love about glee is how they cast individuals of all shapes and sizes even if they still kind fall under the amazingly pretty supermodel categories.

When it comes to Ashley Fink though I fall in love. Why? Because she reminds me so much of myself especially style wise. A fun mix of punk and feminine ruffles. Cardigans and Chucks. Bangles and Bangs. I am so thrilled to see someone who looks like me on TV. It makes me feel like I really can do anything and I give her props for being a positive role-model for all fat girls out there who feel like there weight gets in the way of their dreams.

Plus I have to give extra props to a girl who rocks leggings, chucks, and a cardigan while all the others are wearing gowns and dresses.

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