So I spend a lot of time looking into all the celebrity gossip and these are the individuals often overlooked by E! and the mainstream magazines. They each have a great style and help keep me on the cutting edge of fat grrrl fashions. Check it out.

Ashley Fink (born November 20,1986) is an American actress, known for her role as Lauren Zizes in the television series Glee and as Carter McMahon in Huge.

Ashley Fink

So I’m not the biggest Glee fan. I mean I watch the show but not every single episode. One thing I do love about glee is how they cast individuals of all shapes and sizes even if they still kind fall under the amazingly pretty supermodel categories.

When it comes to Ashley Fink though I fall in love. Why? Because she reminds me so much of myself especially style wise. A fun mix of punk and feminine ruffles. Cardigans and Chucks. Bangles and Bangs. I am so thrilled to see someone who looks like me on TV. It makes me feel like I really can do anything and I give her props for being a positive role-model for all fat girls out there who feel like there weight gets in the way of their dreams.

Plus I have to give extra props to a girl who rocks leggings, chucks, and a cardigan while all the others are wearing gowns and dresses.

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